ISSN: 2347 - 5552

International Journal of Innovative
Research in Computer Science & Technology (IJIRCST) (An International Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal)

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  • Pitch Estimation and Analysis of Speech Signal
          Author: Mahesh Manohar Kamble, Prof. (Mrs.) M.R Dixit   
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  • Proposed Methodology for Secure Image Logging System towards Cyber Forensic
        Author: Arun Pratap Srivastava, Rohit Kumar Sharma

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  • Learning Assistant in Educational Field Using Automatic Speech Recognition
         Author: Prajakta Kotwal, Prof. M.R.Dixit

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  • Urgent Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Network
          Authors: Ashwini D. Karanjawane, Atul W. Rohankar, S. D. Mali, 
                           A. A. Agarkar

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  • Big Data: The New Challenges in Data Mining
          Author: Mrs. Deepali Kishor Jadhav
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  • Time Series Approaches to Statistical Process Control
          Authors:  Ajit Goswami, Prof. (Dr.) H.Nr. Dutta
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