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International Journal of Innovative
Research in Computer Science & Technology (IJIRCST) (An International Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal)

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Volume-2, Issue-1, January-2014
  • Implementation of an Application on Android Devices for Optimal Tour
         Authors: Vijay Babar, Sonali Jadhav, Pooja Jagtap, Ajendra Joshi

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  • Privacy-Preserving Updates to Databases with Security
          Authors: Pallavi Patil, Prof. K.B.Manwade, Prof. G.A.Patil
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  • RS Coded OFDM By Unique Word Prefix
          Authors: Mr.Nilesh Patil, Prof.Pradnesh Shah
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  • Multilevel Association Rule 
          Authors: Monali Deshmukh, Madhu Nashipudimath
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  • A Study on High Performance Split Radix FFT
          Authors:Karishma A. Deshmukh, Prof. P. R. Indurkar, Prof. Mrs. D. M. Khatri
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  • NFC Based SMS Ticketing for Non-NFC Devices
          Authors:Miss. Jahanvi Gupta, Mr. Monal Shinde, Prof. Sushopti Gawade
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  • Cumulative Sum, Cumulative Score andNonparametric CUSUM Control Charts for Detecting Mean/Median Change

          Authors: S. DUTTA DEKA, B. GOGOI
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  • Various Communication Techniques Used While Implementing Healthcare Patient Monitoring System

     Authors: Mr. Monal Shinde, Miss. Jahanvi Gupta, Prof. Sushopti Gawade

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  • Heuristic Walkthrough Usability Evaluation of Electronic Health Record with a Proposed Security Architecture

     Author: Prajakta Pawar, Prof. Sushopti Gawade

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  • A Survey: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

     Authors: Miss. Priyanka Haigune, Prof. R. N. Mandavgane, Prof. M. N.  Thakre

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  • Analyzing Target Customer Behavior Using Data Mining Techniques for E-commerce Data

     Authors: Dattatray V. Bhate , M. Yaseen Pasha

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  • Review of Speech Recognition System

     Authors: Jyoti Madan, Ajmer Singh

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