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International Journal of Innovative
Research in Computer Science & Technology (IJIRCST) (Peer Review Online Journal)

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  • A Systematic Bioinformatics Approach for Multiple Virtual Screening for Finding Novel MDR-TB Antagonists: Structure Based Screens & Toxicity Prediction Analyzing Poly Pharmacological Affects                   

            Authors: V.L.Saxena, G.Yadav, A.Chaudhuri*

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  • Time and Motion Study Methods for Manufacturing a Pump                 

            Author: Sukwon Kim

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  • Techno-Economic Growth- A Two Decadal Development Scenario in KSA        

           Authors: Syed Faizan Haider,  Usman Ali Khan,  Muhammad Haleem                                          Junejo

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  • Finding Accuracy in Feature Selection Using Firefly Algorithm with Rough Set theory        

            Author: A. Revathi, Dr. P. Sumathi

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